IT Infrastructure and Connectivity  

IT focused approach: Our physical facilities are complemented by an overriding emphasis our IT infrastructure that is used extensively in all facets of our operations. In addition we have an in-house team of IT experts that manage our systems around the clock.

Connectivity: We also lay great emphasis on inter-office and inter-personnel connectivity. All our offices are web connected with our central server in Delhi. All employees in the field and at our offices as well as all our truck drivers have been provided with mobile devices to stay connected.

Real Time Feedback: Our goal is to ensure prompt feedback and continuous multipath communication both within our organization and for our customers' benefit. We provide real time tracking of the shipment's status which combines date from our vehicle movement tracking (GPS) and our in-house monitoring systems with input from our collection and delivery points as well as estimate transit times. You can access this information yourself through our web tools or we can notify you of your shipment's progress through your chosen means.

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