Transportation Services  

EITA can offer you the complete package of multimodal transportation services – whether it be FTL or LTL, smalls or over dimensional cargo – with a dedicated fleet of specialized vehicles, a well-established national network and customized tracking software.

We have a dedicated fleet of over 800 trucks and own over 270 containerized vehicles of different container sizes so that we can optimize supply chains according to the needs of our customers.

We have used our more than sixty years of exhaustive domain knowledge of the local conditions across the country to chart out optimal route options and with a comprehensive national network of branches, we offer an extensive array of collection and delivery points to offer maximum flexibility in arriving at the most market effective solution for you.

We offer timely freight services for small cargo consignments that give our customers the ability to move their goods according to their real time business needs.

We are experienced in dealing with ODC and other bulky cargo and are well equipped with customized trailers and other specialty equipment as well as skilled manpower with operational expertise in this area.

We offer advanced vehicle tracking system through GPS and we provide every truck driver with a mobile phone for continuous connectivity with our offices. These practices in conjunction with our sophisticated in-house developed movement tracking system which ensures that we are continuously monitoring the progress of your goods. We can share this information with you real time via a web tool that enables you to track your goods whenever you like. We can also offer you updates by email or SMS.

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